George Hoberg is a professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. I teach undergraduate courses on energy policy and forest policy in the Faculty of Forestry, and a graduate course on “Governance for Sustainability.” I’m a political scientist by training. Born in Devon, Pennsylvania, I went to high school and university in the San Francisco Bay Area, and got my PhD at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’ve been teaching at UBC since 1987, and have been a dual Canadian-American since 1992.

In addition to forest policy in British Columbia and energy policy in Western Canada, I have a keen interest in US national politics and the US influence on Canada. I’m also intrigued by how the current economic crisis has created a crisis in conceptualization about the relative roles of government and the market, and am in search of a more coherent new political economy to make sense of the emerging reality.

While interested in social media as a political phenomenon and pedagogical opportunity, I’m a compete neophyte to blogging.

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email me at george.hoberg (a) ubc.ca

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