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The Constitutional Threat to the California Effect: A Court Strikes Down California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

George Hoberg December 31, 2011 This week a federal district court in California declared the California low carbon fuel standard unconstitutional for its violation of the interstate commerce clause. The grounds for the decision are revealing about the tensions of … Continue reading

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Had enough of the read-world farce of the Durban climate talks? Check out this climate change satire by one of the great novelists our time: Ian McEwan’s Solar (2010)

Lisa Danielson and George Hoberg December 11, 2011 The Seventeenth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change just concluded with a “plan for enhanced action” in which we’ve agreed to agree at some later point … Continue reading

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Recipe for Forest-Devastating Insect Outbreak: Take Fire Suppression, Add Global Warming – Book Review: Andrew Nikiforuk’s The Empire of the Beetle

Lisa Danielson, Environment and Natural Resource Policy Intern December 9, 2011 “It’s not something you’ve ever seen before. It’s like a tsunami that takes twenty-five years instead of two seconds” Keith Dufresne, manager of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Beetle Action Coalition In … Continue reading

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Pressure Rising on Both Sides of Northern Gateway Oil Sands Pipeline: December 2011 Update

George Hoberg and Andrea Rivers December 6, 2011 (last updated December 8, 2011) [Due to rapidly developing events we've decided to keep this post a living document with frequent updates. Updates from original text will be in italics.] Since US … Continue reading

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