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Michael Ignatieff: Rebuilding the Liberal Party of Canada Through the Oil Sands

George Hoberg and Matthew Landry              Over the past several months, Michael Ignatieff has been surprisingly positive toward the Alberta oil sands. In a Vancouver pub this past January, the Liberal leader had this to say: “It [the oil sands] … Continue reading

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It’s time to rally around cap and trade

Continuing to push the carbon tax is limiting the expansion of the political coalition supporting the urgent climate action we need, and will keep us out of step with emerging policies in jurisdictions with which we need to cooperate. We need to coalesce around a coordinated cap-and-trade framework, and dedicate our energy to designing and implementing an effective, efficient, and equitable policy. Continue reading

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British Columbia Election 2009: The Role of the Carbon Tax

Alex Etchell and George Hoberg (with research by Matthew Landry and Gordon McCullough)               British Columbia’s provincial election this May was supposed to be an election about the economy. Jobs, fiscal responsibility, and economic recovery should have dominated debates, … Continue reading

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BC Election 2009 – Environment and Natural Resource Issues

We’ve created a special resource on environment and natural resource issues in the 2009 BC election. Follow the topic pages on the upper right of the page.

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