Comparing Parties’ Climate Platforms in the 2019 Canadian Election

George Hoberg
September 24, 2019

I gave a presentation today at UBC on a panel with colleagues. Some folks there expressed interest in seeing the slides, so I’m posting them here. The link to the pdf is posted below. I’ll try to keep it updated if there are any significant changes in the parties’ stances.

The pdf doesn’t have the notes where there are many references. Andrew Leach has some platform evaluations. EnviroEconomic and Clean Prosperity compared the Liberal and Conservative plans, as did Mark Jaccard.

September 28 update: Yesterday Trudeau announced a tree planting program that they say will achieve 30 MT reductions by 2030. If implemented, and that estimate checks out. Their progress towards the 2030 target would increase from 65% to 81%.

October 15 update:
Simon Donner, “No party’s climate plan will avoid dangerous global warming,” Policy Options, October 1, 2019.

Katharine Hayhoe and Andrew Leach, How The Four Federal Parties’ Climate Plans Stack Up, Chatelaine, Oct 4, 2019

Hoberg Platform Comparison v. 2

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