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What is the Role of First Nations in Decision-Making on Crown Government Resource Development Projects? – A Hoberg Course Brief

George Hoberg January 20, 2015 pdf of this post: Hoberg course brief – aboriginal law The relationship between Canadian governments and Aboriginal groups has shifted dramatically over the past several decades, but has yet to reach any stable equilibrium that clarifies … Continue reading

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Fossil Divestment at UBC: Opportunity for Leadership and Moral Imperative – George Hoberg Remarks to UBC Faculty Association

George Hoberg October 27, 2014 (A text of the remarks I made at the Faculty Association introducing the motion to call for a referendum on divesting the UBC endowment of fossil fuels. A more detailed rationale with extensive references can … Continue reading

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LNG for the Win! The October 2014 BC Throne Speech

George Hoberg October 6, 2014 The Clark government’s Fall Speech from the Throne continues the eggs-in-one-basket pattern established in recent years – the future of BC is premised on the rise of the LNG industry. The speech is centred around … Continue reading

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It’s D-Day for Harper on Northern Gateway

George Hoberg June 8, 2014 The next big thing in the battle over the Northern Gateway pipeline happens by June 17, when the Harper cabinet’s decision on the National Energy Board’s recommendation to approve the pipeline (with conditions) is due. … Continue reading

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The Site C Panel Report and the Crisis of Credibility for BC Electricity Policy

George Hoberg May 9, 2014 Yesterday, the Joint Review Panel for the Site C dam project on the Peace River in northern British Columbia released its environmental assessment report. The panel did not recommend for or against the project, but … Continue reading

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Canada: The Overachieving Petro-State

George Hoberg January 20, 2014 Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties tour has poured gasoline on the already volatile Canadian energy politics.* There are many issues fueling the conflict, but the one I want to address in this blog is whether … Continue reading

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Explainer: What Happens After the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel Reports? (updated with new section on B.C. Government)

George Hoberg December 17, 2013 After several years of political conflict and two years of public hearings, the Joint Review Panel for Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project is set to release its report December 19, 2013, at 1:30 PST. The panel … Continue reading

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Why I’m Opposed to the Northern Gateway Pipeline

George Hoberg November 11, 2013 This Saturday, November 16, I will be joining hundreds of others from the Vancouver area at Science World for the No Enbridge Pipeline rally at 2 PM. It is part of a Canada-wide day of … Continue reading

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Government of BC to Enbridge: “Trust me” is Not Good Enough

George Hoberg May 31, 2013 Today the Government of BC submitted its final written argument to the Joint Review Panel reviewing Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline project to ship oil sands to the Pacific coast at the port of Kitimat in … Continue reading

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What Issues Mattered in the 2013 British Columbia Election? Some Context on the Kinder Morgan Surprise

George Hoberg May 18, 2013 Everyone’s still trying to make sense of the stunning comeback upset by the BC Liberals. Much attention has been focused on differential turnout and the unwillingness of the NDP to “go negative” in response to … Continue reading

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