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Recommendation to reject divestment at UBC deeply flawed

George Hoberg February 10, 2016 Last week, the Finance Committee of the UBC Board of Governors voted to endorse the recommendation of its Responsible Investment Policy Committee and reject fossil fuel divestment. The principal rationale for rejecting divestment is that … Continue reading

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Major New Legal Obstacle for Northern Gateway Pipeline

January 13, 2016 George Hoberg A BC Supreme Court judge today invalidated the agreement between the BC and federal governments on the environmental assessment process used to support the approval of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline. While the decision does not … Continue reading

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Bending the Curve: Alberta’s Tectonic Shift in Climate Policy

George Hoberg November 22, 2015 Rachel Notley’s Government of Alberta made history today by transforming her province from a renegade to a leader on climate policy. The province announced today that it will introduce a $30 per tonne economy wide … Continue reading

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Game over for Keystone KXL: How environmentalists created Obama’s new climate test

George Hoberg November 6, 2015 Obama’s decision today to reject the Keystone XL pipeline brings a seven year saga to a close (well, except for the lawsuits). It is an extraordinary victory for the climate movement, but in this post … Continue reading

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The Softwood Lumber Dispute – a Hoberg Course Brief

George Hoberg and Gabrielle Schittecatte October 10, 2015 Since before Confederation, trade in lumber between Canada and the United States has been politically contentious.  The modern conflict began in 1982, when the US softwood industry asked the US government to … Continue reading

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Formal Government Processes for Policy Production in Canada – A Hoberg Course Brief

George Hoberg September 21, 2015 A public policy is a purposive course of action or inaction by government. Understanding where policies come from requires an understanding of how the formal processes of government work. In Canada, these processes are a … Continue reading

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Nobody Believes You, Mr. Harper: Five Key Energy-Environment Insights from the Opening Canadian 2015 Election Debate

George Hoberg August 7, 2015 Pipeline and climate issues took central stage in last night’s leader’s debate hosted by Maclean’s. There are five main takeaways from the debate. You can watch the debate here, and read transcripts from it here … Continue reading

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Lament for a Nation – The Climate Version

George Hoberg April 15, 2015 Last week, the prestigious Ecofiscal Commission released a report on climate policy that strongly advocated “The Way Forward” (its title) was through carbon pricing by the provinces. It is certainly no surprise that a group … Continue reading

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Rethinking the impacts of fossil fuel divestment: a critique of the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions white paper

February 27, 2015 George Hoberg* A White Paper released by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions last month argues that fossil fuel divestment campaigns are based on a set of unfounded assumptions. The authors, Hadi Dowlatabadi and Justin Ritchie of … Continue reading

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Letter to Vancouver Sun in response to editorial critical of divestment at UBC

February 27, 2015 This letter was submitted to the Sun today: Your February 26 editorial relied heavily on a study that concluded that divestment from fossil fuels would not have a significant impact on the “carbon shadow” of UBC’s endowment. … Continue reading

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