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Canada’s West Coast Oil Sands Pipeline Controversy: An Update

Andrea Rivers and George Hoberg September 23, 2011 While controversy over the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline to the US has been capturing headlines across North America, a similar controversy is simmering in Western Canada. Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline proposal … Continue reading

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What’s Really Behind the Decline in Belief in Climate Science: It’s the Economy

What’s Really Behind the Decline in Belief in Climate Science: It’s the Economy Lisa Danielson and George Hoberg September 21, 2011 There is widespread evidence that the American public’s belief in climate change is declining. The existence, immediacy and seriousness … Continue reading

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Insights from new book: Why are so many potentially beneficial policy changes not adopted? The case of forest policy in Canada

George Hoberg September 20, 2011 Policy analysts and advocates frequently are left scratching their heads when policy changes that seem self-evidently superior to the status quo are not adopted. Forest policies in Canada are a fascinating example. Implemented mostly in … Continue reading

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Optimizing your twitter feed for course websites

George Hoberg September 16, 2011 – Update September 26 Note: after writing the initial version of this post, twitter changed it search parameters so that the code originally outlined did not do what it was  designed to do. We’ve revised … Continue reading

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