Lauren Acheson is an undergraduate political science student at UBC.

Naazia Ebrahim is an engineering graduate aiming to switch into environmental and energy policy. Activism, social change and mobilization of youth are of great interest to her in this process

Alex Etchell is a graduate of the Political Science program at UBC and has focused on public policy and environmental issues. He was recently named one of UBC’s Wesbrook Scholars and is is the recipient of the Gold Medal in political science for 2009. He will enter Law at the University of Victoria in September.

Matthew Landry is a 2009 graduate of the Political Science program at UBC.

Christopher Mallon is a 5th year student in the Faculty of Forestry, specializing in Natural Resources Conservation. He can be reached at

Gordon McCullough is in the final year of his undergraduate program in political science at the University of British Columbia.

Andrea Rivers is an MSc graduate from the UBC Department of Forest Resources Management where she studied natural resource policy. Her research interests include: oil sands pipelines, environmental policy, and advocacy at the science-policy interface in natural resource science

Stephanie Taylor is an undergraduate in political science at the University of British Columbia.

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